Raising an Ethics and Compliance Concern

At Glenmark there are a number of ways in which employees could raise a concern. You could:

  • Tell your manager, or if you can’t do this
  • Tell a different manager who you trust, or
  • Tell your HR representative
  • Tell your Compliance Officer

If you feel unable to do any of those, then Glenmark would still like to hear you concern and you can use the Confidential Reporting Line – EthicsLine.

Please note, if you are a manager who has a concern raised to you, then you should in turn raise it with your HR representative, Compliance Officer or through the confidential reporting line.

The Glenmark EthicsLine is a secure, online and toll-free reporting line available in multiple languages, where you can report ethics and compliance concerns. The EthicsLine is managed by an independent third-party service provider and you can report both confidentially and anonymously if you wish (as long as your local laws allow).

We safeguard individuals reporting concerns in good faith, so you should feel comfortable and confident to raise concerns without fear of others treating you badly for doing so. We will not tolerate, and expressly prohibit, treating negatively any person who expresses a concern in good faith.

You can access Glenmark EthicsLine via web or telephone. Whether you reach out online or by phone you will receive instructions on how to submit a report. Once a report is submitted it will be logged and received by the Compliance team.

You can find the telephone numbers for your country and access the online form at https://glenmark.ethicspoint.com/.

Report an Ethics and Compliance Concern

What happens when you report an Ethics and Compliance Concern?

All concerns raised are looked into independently, and taken seriously, and carried out in line with our principles of investigation – that they are: Proportionate, Fair, Robust, Legal and Drive Continuous Improvement. This is in accordance with our Internal Investigations Policy.