About Generic Drugs

Generic medicines are authorised to the same standards of safety, quality and efficacy as original branded drugs. They contain the same active pharmaceutical ingredient and have to demonstrate that they provide the same medical benefits to the patient (i.e. are therapeutically equivalent to the original product). Typically, generic medicines are interchangeable with the equivalent, original branded drug.1

  • The active pharmaceutical ingredient is the same as that of the original branded drug<sup>1</sup>
  • The generic medicine acts in the same way in the patient’s body and is interchangeable with the branded drug<sup>1</sup>
  • Although there may be some differences between the generic medicine and the original drug, such as the colour or inactive ingredients, they do not impact on how the medicine works<sup>1</sup>
  • Generic medicines must comply with the same strict standards as the branded drug<sup>1</sup>
  • The medicine has a similar route of administration (such as oral or topical)
  • The indication for use usually matches the branded drug
  • The use of generic medicines supports the NHS by reducing the cost of the NHS annual medicines bill<sup>1,2</sup>

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Report Adverse Events

Glenmark is committed to patient safety. The aim of Pharmacovigilance is to protect public health by identifying, evaluating and minimising safety issues in all possible ways throughout the products’ lifecycles, from discovery and research to post-approval, when they become available to patients.

We encourage consumers, health care professionals, our employees and others to report adverse events (medication side effects) to our Pharmacovigilance department.

If you would like to report an adverse event, please click here. To ask any questions about Glenmark products in the United Kingdom, please contact Glenmark Medical Information at


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