Our Story

The year was 1977. We set out to build a pharmaceutical company with a presence in major markets around the world. Key to our success was a balanced-risk approach to growing our company. Our path to sustainable growth has been rooted in the cultivation of reliable revenue sources, from generics to active pharmaceutical ingredients. This fuels our goals of expansion and drug development while providing continued, balanced growth to offset the risks common in innovative product development. Today we are in a period of remarkable achievement.

Over the course of more than 40 years, Glenmark has transformed itself into a burgeoning biotech-based pharmaceutical company, with commercial presence in 80 countries. From our bricks-and-mortar footprint to our clinical trial impact, we are evolving and growing. And yet our founding mission remains. We will continue to solve serious medical problems with breakthrough technology, all while doing the right thing for our patients, our people and our communities.

Today we are advancing scientific understanding, preparing a new portfolio of therapies with the potential to improve human health and well-being, including leveraging the therapeutic potential of established drugs. We have a singular focus on innovation in every part of our company. We are focused on choosing organic growth over acquisition to retain and grow knowledge, on building global R&D facilities and on creating a constant dialogue between business leaders and scientists that enables advanced and nimble decision-making and innovative paths toward first- and best-in-class discovery.

Having forged our own way, we created a new, self-sustaining model that allows us to elude the industry’s most confounding impediments to innovation. Our efforts have resulted in a robust pipeline focused on three core therapeutic areas of oncology, dermatology and respiratory. Powered by a scientific approach to breaking down the barriers that prevent theoretical breakthroughs from becoming a reality, each candidate has the potential to open new pathways to treatment. We are driven to achieve new standards of care that will truly make a difference in people’s lives.




Who We Are

Glenmark is currently expanding into new segments including oncology and respiratory diseases.

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